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September: Fine-tune CVs and rearrange team easy

Madeleine Söderman 9/26/22 9:35 AM

The September product updates help fine-tune CVs for different customers and make it easier to rearrange your organization in Bizzcoo when reorganizing.


Customize skills & assignment 

When preparing CVs of consultants for a customer, we have added drag and drop functionality to sort and present selected skills essential for matching a customer's needs. 

It is also possible to select and highlight the most relevant assignments instead of showing all. Make final adjustments and save a new version of the CV, best matching the assignment's demands, before you send a CV to a customer.


Reorganizing team members easy

When teams change, or there is a need to reorganize the whole company; the changes are now easy to implement in Bizzcoo. 

We have added quick-step functionalities, therefore moving team members becomes much easier now.