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2021 a fantastic year for Bizzcoo

Madeleine Söderman 22 december 2021
Mats and Madeleine Bizzcoo 2021 welcome 2022
2021 has been a fantastic year for all of us in Bizzcoo

Launched a new business model

In August 2020, we joined the Sting Accelerator program. We rebuilt our business model, made it easier to scale and grow internationally. We went from focusing on the administration processes for one-person-consultant businesses to targeting larger consultant companies in need for digitalising their daily tasks and long term planning. One year after this decision, it is clear that it was the right direction for Bizzcoo.

The first customer onboarded in January

We end 2021 with over 10000 consultants in the Bizzcoo platform. After developing the new MVP last fall, we got our first official SaaS customer in January 2021.  We always work in close cooperation with our customers for continuous development of our solutions and roadmaps. This also makes us fast with new features already verified and proven when they are released.

Embraced digital & data-driven marketing & sales. 

Understanding our target groups and customers’ needs and future challenges parallel with closely aligned and measured marketing and sales activities from day one helps us work smart and scale fast. This data-driven approach will help us grow both in Sweden and internationally during 2022


2022 here we come

We look forward to kicking off 2022, and we start directly in January by launching new features. Bizzcoo will be the solution to ensure that the right person and competence will be there when you need it. Always. We see new ways of working as an opportunity to develop.

2022, we can't wait! 
//Mats & Madeleine