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5 tips for running a consulting firm more smoothly

Petra Ranhem Jun 1, 2023 11:24:52 AM

Have you become too homebound?

When running a consultancy company with the goal of growth, it's crucial to avoid becoming too homebound and stagnant in your practices. The focus should be on customers, consultants, and cost efficiency, but there is a risk of continuing with the same methods as when the company was smaller.

To ensure a smoother daily life and foster business growth, here are five tips to consider:

1. Implement a Unified System:

Create a common approach and processes for CVs, assignments, and planning by using a single system. This prevents the risk of multiple copies and versions saved in different folders or emails. Even companies with a large number of consultants have succeeded by using a digital folder structure or an Excel-based system.


2. Customize CVs for Each Assignment:

Increase the chances of winning assignments by tailoring the consultant's CV to match the client's specific needs, vision, and industry. Start with a master CV and create different versions for each assignment and customer. This ensures that relevant skills and experiences are emphasized appropriately. Implementing a structured approach for managing CV data is crucial for smaller companies to avoid outdated or misplaced information.

3. Define and Measure Occupancy Rate:

Clearly document what is included in the occupancy rate, how it is calculated, and which activities/assignments are considered. This provides transparency and helps everyone understand the key performance indicator (KPIs). By comparing occupancy rates and allocating time for development and teams, you can gain insights into the company's overall performance. It is important to use consistent and updated data for accurate analysis and forecasting.

4. Encourage Consultants to Suggest Assignments:

Enable consultants to provide input on potential assignments and new customer needs. Granting access to the company's consultant CVs or utilizing a CV database simplifies the search for consultants with the right skills. This allows for efficient feedback to the customer and enhances the ability to meet their requirements.

5. Maintain Customer Visibility:

Keep track of ongoing activities with each customer, including assignment statuses, consultant availability, and growth opportunities. Having comprehensive data collected in a system facilitates a holistic view for consultant managers and sellers. This ensures effective decision-making and improves customer relationship management. Connect your CRM and dedicated Consulting System with APIs to secure never losing track of the growth opportunity.


Remember, regardless of whether you have already implemented these tips or not, it is essential to continuously adapt and refine your working methods and processes as your company evolves. Embrace change and drive development forward to maximize your business's potential. Always improving your ways of working is the receipt of not being too homebound and missing the growth opportunity.