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How many Consultant managers will you recruit this year?

Petra Ranhem May 25, 2023 3:56:44 PM

Smooth onboarding of new consulting managers

We still see an increased number of job ads for consulting managers. How many consulting managers will you hire this year? How many of your consulting managers will move on to another company? A clear sign of a hot and growing market is that the number of job ads for consulting managers is increasing.

Consulting companies in almost all industries are looking for new consulting managers. The background may be that the company is growing and needs to appoint another consultant manager or that an experienced consultant manager has left the company for another company.

Regardless, smooth onboarding is essential when hiring a new consulting manager. How can your consulting company create the best onboarding conditions for your new manager?

The dream onboarding for a new consulting manager

As a newly hired consultant manager, you want to be able to show results quickly and need a quick and smooth onboarding to get started. Preferably a structured handover where the consultant manager who is leaving goes through work routines and processes. The best conditions for the newly hired consultant managers when they receive the following:

  • CV:s of all consultants in one place, including all customer-unique versions.
  • All the assignment status of all consultants, history, and upcoming.
  • The goals and ambition of the consultant including the previous follow-ups and development dialogues.
  • An overview of customers' history, occupancy planning, and forecast. 

A good onboarding that makes you feel safe and in control makes it easy to be 100% up and running with your consultants and clients.

The reality vs. the dream

In reality, the old consultant manager often leaves before the new one is in place. Another consultant manager has had to jump in and help in parallel with his tasks. There needs to be a clear handover process, and those who quit rarely have time to write a good summary. Much of the documentation is in emails between the former consulting manager and his consultants, which the new consulting manager does not access.

Do you recognize yourself and your company? You probably have the ambition to have excellent onboarding for new consultant managers, but it only sometimes works that way. Of course, you would like the new consultant manager to get up to 100% speed quickly so that no assignments or consultants fall through the cracks.

Consulting systems make it easier for new consulting managers.

There are significant advantages in investing in a support system explicitly developed for consulting companies that contains all consultants' CVs, development dialogues, assignments, and customer status overviews in one place. For the new consulting manager, it makes onboarding easier!


Advantages for the consulting manager

Good support for the new consultant manager is required. All data and information should be available. No need to spend time searching for CVs or excel files. It reduces the risk of the consultant manager feeling insecure and reduces the time until the consultant manager is 100% on track and up to speed. But it is not only crucial for the new consultant manager; it will be a win-win situation for the company, the consultants, and the customers.


For the consulting company, it means:

  • Minimize the risk of customers and assignments falling through the cracks
  • The consultant manager quickly gets an overview and can ensure in good time that the consultants have new assignments when the current ends.
  • Easier to recruit new consultants as the consultant manager can quickly get an overview of current skills in the team and the skill gaps that exist in relation to the customers' needs.
  • Easier reporting and follow-up of KPI as all the data exists in one place and does not risk being in the former consultant manager's Excel library. All historical data, present, and forecasts are integrated into a dashboard.
  • Consulting manager who wants to move on quickly from your company is easier to handle as all critical information and data are available and transparent.

For the consultants in the team, this means:

  • The new consultant manager already has an overview of assignments, clients, and plans for competence development.
  • The first meeting with the team's consultants can be more about getting to know each other!
  • Less uncertainty about the consultant's agreement with the former manager still applies.

For the customer, it means:

  • The continuity is maintained, and the new consultant manager can quickly take over the dialogue and has all the facts about previous collaborations and the plan going forward.
  • Contact persons, contact info, and agreements are all stored in one place.



Reduce uncertainty and risk during onboarding

Regardless of how many consulting managers you will be recruiting this year and whether you are to grow or because people are leaving, a system like Bizzcoo, explicitly developed for consulting companies, provides a significant advantage.

We are happy to share how to make onboarding more effective for your new consultant managers. Book a meeting, and we'll tell you more.