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December: Company unique competence library, location as filter

Madeleine Söderman 12/16/21 11:49 AM

Bizz Planner – filter on location

Many of our customers often plan and follow-up assignments and utilization rates by organizations, teams, or roles in Bizz Planner. But they often work in different offices or regions. With the "back-to-office" trend, there was a clear need for a location filter option. 

We have added a function for this into Bizz Planner, filter on your consultant's or team's locations to improve planning and statistics flexibility and quality.


Bizz Profile – create your unique competence library.

A new option for companies is to create their unique or dedicated competence library. You set up a company specific competences database, separated from the general Bizzcoo skill and competence library. It helps you control the competences added, and you can easily follow trending skills and competences within your company. 

Many of our customers work in different industries, many of them have very specific competences. They want to make it easy for their employees to select the company/industry unique alternatives when adding competences to their profiles. 


Bizzcoo Chatbot for support

For more easy and quicker support, we added a support chatbot. You see it in the bottom right corner when logged in to Bizzcoo platform.