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May: Bizz Planner launch

Madeleine Söderman 11/15/21 2:31 PM

Bizz Planner - Launch

Bizz planner is now released!

After the Bizz Planner prelaunch to existing customers, the new Bizzcoo platform module is now released and available. Bizz Planner focuses on the resource planning process integrated with customer assignments and a KPI dashboard.

A summary view for the sales and customer success teams for a fast overview of all ongoing assignments including all different steps in the sales process to the status of ongoing projects.

Bizz planner overview

Customize utilization rate calculation

An important value for the consultant business is a utilization rate based on real-time data. Bizz Planner calculates the utilization rate based on your preferences and is easily customized to include or exclude different consultant activity status or assignment types. 

bizz planner customize activities

Realtime data for Utilization rate is always present

The Utilization rate is displayed both in the dashboard but also in the planning view. 

utilization rate bizzcoo


Bizz Profile - Feature Update

Better edit mode for consultants by quick links

To make it easy for consultants to update and edit their profiles, we have added quick links to the various CV topics. This makes it fast to localize and enter e.g. the most recent achievements.