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Zington works smarter with Bizzcoo as new planning and reporting tool

Petra Ranhem 25 maj 2021
Carl-Johan Nord Zington

Zingtons energy and focus are always on the customer’s digitalization projects and the value delivered by their consultants. However, it is also crucial to digitalize your own company, remember to reflect on how to work smarter and more efficiently internally.

“We realized that we had three different systems supporting us in the process of CV management, forecast, and resource planning. It was time-consuming to transfer data from one system to another and it affected our forecast capabilities. At the same time, our growth ambition is high, and we expand to new geographical areas. We needed a better support for a more efficient and futureproof planning process” Carl- Johan Nordh, Business Unit Manager at Zington, describes why Zington was looking for a new solutions. 



The requirements on the new solution are based on Zington’s extensive experience from working with market leading improvements and cost efficient solution for their customers businesses. The importance of working with continuous improvements and their inhouse expertise in IT areas has been key in this project:


  • Reduced operational cost
  • Ability to work in a real-time environment to save time.
  • Easy to customize: the service should be a solution that can change without a huge effort in processes and as much “do it yourself” changes to adapt
  • User friendly: every user working in the system should be able to work constantly without the need for education/training. 
  • Easy onboarding process: Zington didn’t want to have a system that requires a vast onboarding project; thus, onboarding must be done by self-service.
  • “Smooth reporting”: No extra work when reporting must be needed. 



This is done to keep costs down and all needed functionality in one system which dramatically reduce the need of integrations or manual work. A SaaS-solution also matches Zington growth pace, which means that the platform can continuously adapt to meet their needs.

“During Bizzcoo demo we immediately saw that it was easy to use and self-evident. Already after the first internal demo the users started to work without any insecurity” says Carl-Johan Nordh, Business Unit Manager and continues;

“With Bizzcoo:s SaaS solution, our sales and consultant managers get the benefits of real-time event planning, forecast management service of all consultants, customers and sales funnel. This combined with a complete KPI reporting tool to plan budgets, provide reports to leadership, get early warnings and track overall progress.” 



Zington is a Nordic/leading consulting company who lead our customers in a digital world, by offering expertise within Business, Technology & Experience.  We are 300 digital specialists in Stockholm and Norway that are convinced that really good consulting doesn't have to be complicated. On the contrary; by working closely with our customers and colleagues, we solve problems in smart and flexible ways. We avoid general standard solutions, and together with our responsiveness and strategic partners, we can develop solutions adjusted to your actually needs. Thanks to our joint efforts and results, we have been able to help people in a part of the world who really need our help. Together we create value.